How to Get Rid of Tinnitus and Ringing Ears – Top 7 Tips

By | February 17, 2019

get rid of tinnitus ringing earsWant to know how to get rid of tinnitus? Here are 7 ways to reduce or get rid of ringing ears before it drives you crazy.

It’s very rare for tinnitus to be a sign of a serious problem, but that’s not much of a comfort if you’re suffering from it. The nagging sounds that it makes you hear can resemble an incessant buzzing, ringing, humming, or even roaring. What makes it so troublesome is that only you can hear it, and it can be so persistent in some people that it actually interferes with ordinary life.

The problem with treating it is that there are a variety of things that will work, but it’s difficult to predict which one is right for a particular person. When you’re looking at how to get rid of tinnitus and ringing ears, be prepared to try several different tactics if the first one doesn’t solve the problem.

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How to Get Rid of Tinnitus? – Here’s Your Action Plan:

1. Look for Obvious Causes: Medications or Loud Noises

patient wants to get rid of tinnitusWhen someone goes to a doctor and says, “I need to know how to get rid of my tinnitus,” the first thing they’ll look at is what’s been happening in the patient’s life lately. Are there any new medications, whether prescription or otherwise? Has the patient been working or spending leisure time in a very loud environment?

The people who can say yes to these sorts of questions are actually the lucky ones. Both medications and loud noises are known to cause tinnitus. If they’re the source, then stopping the medication and either avoiding noise or using earplugs will generally clear up the problem.

For people who either say no to those questions, or who don’t experience relief with those suggestions, it’s necessary to do more experimentation to look for something that will work.

2. Clean Up Your Lifestyle With Diet and Exercise

diet exercise helps get rid of ringing earsThis is a good place to start because the changes involved will be good for your health anyway. Some people find that they get rid of ear ringing by avoiding caffeine or alcohol. It’s also important not to smoke, because nicotine interferes with the blood supply to the inner ear and makes the ringing worse.

Regular exercise, on the other hand, tends to improve blood flow. This makes it helpful so long as you don’t pick an exercise like biking that requires your head to stay in a hyperextended position for a long time.

3. Keep Insulin Under Control

Some studies link ringing in the ears to high levels of blood insulin. You can try experimenting with the sort of diet that’s normally recommended to diabetic patients. This means that you should avoid processed carbohydrates and keep your total carbohydrate to about half of your daily calories or less. If you have a family history of diabetes, or other symptoms related to it, it would probably be a good idea to check in with a doctor about whether you should be tested.

4. Consider Natural Supplements to Get Rid of Tinnitus

If focusing on general good health didn’t get rid of tinnitus for you, the next step is to try supplements that are known to help. The goal is to make sure that your body is getting everything that it needs to function properly.

supplements to get rid of tinnitusThe supplements that are most likely to help are zinc and vitamin B12. For the zinc, you should try to get 90 to 150 mg daily. It’s easy to take in lozenge form. It may take up to 6 months to work, but it’s usually pretty easy to get a sense of whether you’re deficient or not right way. However if your body already has plenty of zinc, those lozenges will usually taste terrible. If they don’t taste like much at all, or they even taste good, you probably need them.

If you’ve been seeing a doctor for help with how to get rid of tinnitus, you can get the vitamin B12 in shot form. This is the only way to use it that’s actually been studied for effectiveness with this issue. However, some people claim they get good results from using oral supplements on their own.

Ginkgo biloba supplements may also help if you think your problem could be related to circulation. It’s an herb that’s readily available in pill form, and many studies show that it boosts blood flow to the peripheral areas of the body. You can read more about the most effective supplements and vitamins for tinnitus here >>

5. Look Into Natural Remedies and Treatments

In addition to supplements, many people report that natural remedies and alternative treatments get rid of tinnitus and ringing in the ears. So these are well worth looking into. You could also try combining a holistic tinnitus program with an alternative therapy such as acupuncture.

6. Learn to Cope – White Noise Can Help

Unfortunately, some people try every trick that’s known for how to get rid of tinnitus and nothing changes. Even if something is going to work, it may take months for the problem to truly go away.

white noise for tinnitusIt’s worth putting some of your energy into figuring out how you can keep the noises in your head from making you miserable. For example, you can get significant relief with a Sound+Sleep mini unit such as this.

This compact system generates a variety of relaxing natural background sounds or white noise which helps take your focus off your tinnitus. It seems as if turning the tinnitus into a real noise makes it less obnoxious.

7. How to Get Rid of Tinnitus Using Therapy

therapy to get rid of tinnitus and ear ringingTinnitus Retraining Therapy is a form of counseling that’s specifically designed for tinnitus sufferers. It focuses on helping people to find ways to cope and adapt so that they’re not as distressed or anxious.

Many people who develop ringing in the ears never find out exactly what caused it. For some people their tinnitus goes away on its own, while others aren’t as lucky. There are things that you can do to treat it, however. If you faithfully take care of your body and use the right supplements, you have an excellent chance of once again being able to savor the sound of silence.

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