Best Natural Remedies for Tinnitus? Here’s What We Found:

By | December 25, 2020

best natural remedies for tinnitusAre you looking for treatments or natural remedies for tinnitus? Some people experience significant improvement after trying some of the following natural ways to treat this condition. These include making changes to your diet, boosting your immune system, trying a holistic or homeopathic approach, or an alternative therapy such as acupuncture.

Before Exploring Natural Remedies for Tinnitus, First Cut The Junk!

There are a few things that can hinder any treatment or natural remedy for tinnitus and make your symptoms worse. To get the best results, you should try to cut back or avoid the following:

  • avoid junk food natural tinnitus treatmentSalt: Too much salt in your diet (often labeled as sodium on foods) will increase your blood pressure and tinnitus symptoms, so it’s important to cut back. This will mean avoiding most fast foods  as these are often high in sodium and saturated fat.
  • Smoking: If you are a smoker, you should make an effort to quit. Smoking constricts the blood vessels that provide oxygen to your ears and sensory cells. Talk to your doctor to discuss your options.
  • Caffeine: If you drink coffee, tea or other caffeinated drinks, try switching to decaf or replace with caffeine-free substitutes. Monitor your symptoms for a while to see if they improve or not. You may find that caffeine has no effect on the severity of your tinnitus as revealed in this study.
  • Artificial sweeteners: Aspartame (also known as NutraSweet or Equal) is one of the most common sugar replacements used in some foods and beverages and should be avoided if you suffer from tinnitus.
  • Aspirin: Finally, do not take aspirin if you can. Aspirin is made from salicylic acid, which has been proven to cause ringing in the ears in some people.

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Boost Your Immune System by Changing Your Diet

You have the ability to fight the symptoms associated with tinnitus by boosting your immune system naturally. One of the simplest ways you can do this is by changing your diet while exploring natural remedies for tinnitus. Some of the things that have a negative effect on your immune system are diet soft drinks, candy, microwavable meals, canned foods, and fast food.

What Foods Can I Use as a Natural Remedy for Tinnitus?

When looking for ways to cure tinnitus naturally, some people experience an improvement in their symptoms after including certain foods in their diet. Many tinnitus sufferers are low in certain vitamins and minerals which occur naturally in food sources.

pineapple natural remedies for tinnitusTry to add more whole foods to your grocery list. Foods such as organic fruit and vegetables, fish, seeds and nuts are rich in essential vitamins and minerals and are great for boosting your immune system. Increasing your intake of raw fruits and vegetables will help with any inflammation in the ear. Try adding garlic, green tea, cayenne and turmeric to your diet to boost your immune system.

Pineapple: Fresh pineapple is a great fruit to boost your intake of vitamin B1 and manganese which many tinnitus sufferers are deficient in. Pineapple also helps to improve your blood circulation. It acts as an anti-coagulant and contains Vitamin C which helps inhibit atherosclerosis. The bromelain in pineapple reduces your risk of heart disease or stroke by making your blood thinner.

Garlic: Add garlic to your meals or take garlic capsules. Garlic reduces inflammation, increases blood circulation and is another great food to add to your diet while finding a natural cure for tinnitus.

Extra Vitamins and Supplements: If you’re concerned that you aren’t getting sufficient nutrients from your diet alone, you may also like to check out this section on vitamins and dietary supplements that are beneficial for tinnitus.

The Holistic and Homeopathic Approaches to Treat Tinnitus:

The Holistic Approach:

The holistic approach focuses on treating your body as a whole so that it heals itself from within. This approach has proven to be an effective natural remedy for tinnitus. Many believe that the only way you can get rid of tinnitus completely is by using the holistic approach.

Everyone is different however, so it is really a matter of trying a variety of approaches to see what works best for you. Click Here to read our review on the most popular holistic tinnitus program »

The Homeopathic Approach:

homeopathy natural tinnitus remedyIn the homeopathic approach, practitioners believe a remedy or method of treatment that causes symptoms of a disease in healthy people will cure similar symptoms in sick people.

There are many homeopathic tinnitus products on the market today that claim to help support the body’s own healing mechanism and reduce the symptoms of this condition.

Try These Natural Remedies for Tinnitus:

Ginkgo biloba:

ginkgo biloba tinnitus remediesGinkgo biloba is an all-natural herb that comes from one of the oldest living tree species in on the planet. It has been used for years by many cultures to improve blood circulation and is often found at the top of the list of natural remedies for tinnitus. Ginkgo is also one of the main ingredients included in the top supplements for tinnitus treatment.

Ginkgo biloba can be a beneficial supplement for treating tinnitus naturally if your condition is related to poor circulation. It is effective because of its active compounds of flavonoids, bilobalide, lactones, and terpenoids. These active compounds increase the blood flow through the micro capillaries, making the blood thinner.

herbal teas help with natural cure for tinnitusFenugreek seed tea:

You can try fenugreek seed tea as a natural remedy for tinnitus. Use one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and one cup of water for each cup of tea.

To make the tea, boil the water and pour into a teapot. Add the fenugreek seeds and leave to sit for at least 3-4 minutes, and then pour through a tea strainer into a cup. Drink this three times per day to provide some relief and help lower the discomfort of tinnitus.

What About Acupuncture as a Treatment for Tinnitus?

Acupuncture for tinnitusAcupuncture is another natural treatment for tinnitus. The practice of acupuncture is based on the stimulation of certain points on the body. Acupuncture therapy uses very fine, thin needles that are gently inserted into the skin. The needles are approximately 10 times thinner than a standard hypodermic needle and the treatment is painless and safe.

Tinnitus is interrelated to nerve and touch sensitivity. People who want to cure ringing ears naturally have been known to respond well to acupuncture and to have a high response rate to the nerve’s natural response to pressure and the disorder’s sensitivity to certain points. Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine often incorporate diet and lifestyle changes to help patients resolve many of their health concerns. They give their patients a combination of acupuncture, herbs, and lifestyle changes.

Use Ear Drops to Clear Wax Build-Up or Blockage

Earwax protects your ear canal by trapping dirt and reducing the development of bacteria. When too much earwax builds up in your ears, it can be really hard to wash away naturally. Attempting to do so may cause hearing loss or irritation of the eardrum, which could lead to tinnitus.

You can purchase many ear drop items over the counter to effectively remove the build up of earwax in your ears. Occasionally, an otolaryngologist may need to remove the wax. If over the counter products do not work for you, make an appointment with a medical professional who will remove the buildup of wax in your ears.

What Are Some Other Ways to Treat Tinnitus Naturally?

exercise is another natural treatment for tinnitusWhile you are investigating treatments and natural remedies for tinnitus, think of some ways to add more exercise into your daily routine. Exercise helps to improve your general well-being and also reduce stress. Even something as simple as taking the stairs will help to improve your blood flow and oxygen intake.

You can also look into tinnitus retraining therapy as results indicate that it is an effective treatment; especially for more severe cases.

Try to get plenty of rest and minimize stress in your life. Relaxation techniques and meditation can help with stress reduction.

Many people who suffer from tinnitus have a hard time falling asleep at night. If this sounds like you, you may find the following tips helpful.

Having Trouble Sleeping? Try These Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep:

  • At bedtime, use earphones set at a low volume. Listen to soft music or relaxing nature sounds such as rain, ocean waves, a rippling brook or waterfalls.
  • If you prefer not to wear earphones in bed, this sound therapy mini system is an ideal alternative. It comes with 48 unique sounds designed to promote deep sleep.
  • Turn on a fan and place it next to your bed. This helps to take your attention off your tinnitus.
  • Alternatively, you can use a White Noise Machine that creates the natural sound of rushing air. A quality unit will have a built-in fan that generates the sound rather than a digital recording. This will allow you to adjust the tone and volume to create an all-natural soothing white noise that’s ideal for you.

If you’re really struggling to get a decent full night’s sleep, you might like to try a natural sleep aid such as Natural Path ‘Tranquility’ with Melatonin. This natural herbal remedy is a safe alternative to prescription sleeping pills and can be used whenever required without the worry of unwanted side effects.

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